Restaurant Chair Upholstery and Booth Reupholstering

The food industry is often more than just about the food, it is also about the ambiance of your dining area and appearances are everything to your customers. We install 37 ounce vinyl when customizing or reupholstering restaurant booths, chairs, and benches. By using high quality, durable vinyls, we can ensure your furniture/equipment will last longer and withstand the rigorous cleanings and high traffic use. We utilize a template of your equipment and keep it in our shop along with furniture dimensions, materials used and the number of booths/chairs in your facility. By doing this, we are able to order materials and construct the booths off-site, and then reduce the time of disruption, if any, to your business day.

Whether you are maintaining your current layout or implementing a full renovation of your space, we can provide the following:

  • Reupholstering of current booths and banquettes
  • Repair or replacement of booth and banquette backs
  • Reupholstering/repair of chair bottoms
  • Replacement of foam when needed or desired
  • Replacement/repair of springs in booths and banquettes