Automotive Upholstery

Get Rid of Poor-Quality Foam in Your Auto Seats

Automotive reupholstering generally involves repairing or replacement of the poor-quality foam. We use high-density foam and re-weld the entire thing. We also undertake special requests such as embroidering the headrest or back of the driver’s seat to have your initials or the name of the vehicle. Contact Leave It Two Weaver Upholstery today.

Leave It Two Weaver Upholstery can solve the following problems too:

  • Removing the damaged sections and sewing new sections.
  • Removing the current seat-cover, building a duplicate cover, and repairing the foam base.
  • Building customized seat covers from scratch, with multiple types of vinyl, cloth, or leather.
  • Building custom seat panels, door panels, consoles and seats.
  • Replacing headliners with or without sunroofs
  • Installing premium leather seat covers such as Katzkin and Alea leather.
  • Replacing worn out seats with OEM covers and new foam.

Pricing Details

Depending on your seating and pattern choices, covers and labor cost on an average sums up to about $1200 to $1500. For SUV and vans, the amount lies in between $1300 and $1800.